NBA to Rugby 7s: LeBron James

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Do you think LeBron James has what it takes to play Rugby 7s?
Do you think LeBron James has what it takes to play Rugby 7s?

After a suggestion last week I am incorporating a basketball player into the hypothetical NFL to Rugby 7s series, granted this is a new spin. Let’s welcome LeBron “King” James the Miami Heat small forward. A slim as the chances are of “Bron Bron” making the switch, he is a free agent after next season… So you never know!

LeBron James (New Position: Prop) Putting LeBron James at prop won’t best utilize his skills, but due to James’ 6’8″ and 250 lb frame, it’s the only position that he can fill. With that being said, I know King James is up to the task. James is one of the most athletic people in sports. Not only is the 2-time Olympic gold medalist one of the best scorers in the NBA, but he can also cover all five players on any opposing team. James isn’t just a tremendous basketball player either, while in high school the 3-time NBA MVP was an All-State wide receiver during his sophomore year. Many analysts felt that James had the potential to play in the NFL before he stopped playing football after his junior year to focus solely on basketball.

From a rugby perspective… James certainly has the size and strength to be a successful prop in Rugby 7s. On the hard top, James is known as a bull. When the Defending Champion is driving to the basket, it is best you get out of his way. If The King can bring that same mentality to the pitch he can put a lot of fear into opposing players. James also has a tough and physical mentality since he has a history as a successful football player, which makes one believe he can handle the physicality in rugby. And if James somehow found the ball in his hands, imagine what he could do with it!

What do you think? Do you agree with me or not? 

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