Jail Cell To Rugby 7s Pitch: Aaron Hernandez

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Possible jail time and off-the-field issues aside, Aaron Hernandez has the athletic ability to just about any sport besides soccer and maybe hockey. With Hernandez’s recent release by the New England Patriots and looming jail time, it seems like the former Patriot has played himself out of the league and whenever he get’s out of jail (he has not been convicted of anything yet, but has been arrested) he’ll be looking for a job.

Hernandez being escorted out of his house in handcuffs Wednesday.
Hernandez being escorted out of his house in handcuffs Wednesday.

So this week we add Aaron Hernandez to the NFL to Rugby 7s series list.

Aaron Hernandez (New Position: Prop) Aaron Hernandez has the size at 6’1″ 245 lbs to be a prototypical prop in Rugby 7s. As a tight end in the NFL, Hernandez has great blocking experience lining up across from the best defensive ends every Sunday in the fall. This experience can transfer to the rugby pitch during scrums. Obviously run blocking and pushing against other props in scrums are not the same thing, but they have their similarities. Over the years Hernandez has built a lot of strength that would help him succeed in any scrum. Aside from blocking,  Hernandez made a name for himself as one of the best receiving tight ends in the game, so one can imagine Hernandez has the ability to move with the ball in his hands on the pitch as well.

Now, time to address Aaron Hernandez and his off-the-field problems. If Hernandez does end up serving a substantial jail sentence, you can expect him coming out a changed man. If you look at Michael Vick; when he went to jail, he came out a changed man. I bet you this is a wake-up alert for Hernandez. The former Patriots tight end had the world at his finger tips and now it’s gone. And you can bet any team in America would give this risk a shot because it would be put rugby on the map in the States.


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