What Tim Tebow Missed Out On

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A few months ago I looked at how well Tim Tebow would convert to Rugby 7s in my NFL To Rugby 7s series, and out of the all the players discussed in the series I believed that Tebow had the best chance to succeed on the pitch. Now as you may or may not already know, Tebow accepted a contract with the New England Patriots earlier this week, axing any chance of him playing rugby. One was to think, without this contract offer from New England if this hypothetical situation could have changed from dream to reality. This is a dedication to what Tim could have been in Rugby.

Tebow in his new Patriots uni.
Tebow in his new Patriots uni.

In February I believed that Tebow could have played scrum-half, while some of you disagreed and said he would be better suited as a prop. Most said he was too big to be a scrum-half and I agree at the time of my original post he was, but he’s lost some weight. Four months late I still believe Tebow could be a scrum-half. . And Here’s why: 

Tim Tebow is a natural-born leader. Like I previously stated, the scrum-half has similarities to the quarterback and is a bit like the leader on the pitch. You can question Tim Tebow’s throwing mechanics, but you should never question his leadership. If you have ever seen the video of his National Championship Half-Time speech. This video should give you chills… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-qodBTlMtA

Tim Tebow can run with the ball. Tebow is great with the ball in his hands. Ever since college he has been known for his skills on his feet. With the ball in his hands on a rugby pitch I have no doubt in my mind that can out maneuver most players on the opposing team.

His strength. I’m not sure if you ever saw ESPN’s E:60 piece on Tim Tebow and how he prepared for the NFL Draft, but boy is he a beast! Tim Tebow was cutting down trees, running up hills, and pushing a pick-up truck all as part of his work out. Tim Tebow may not be the biggest guy on the pitch these days, but boy would he be the strongest.

Do you think Tim Tebow made the right choice by staying in the NFL?


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