NEW VIDEO: Sir Graham Henry, Part I

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Sir Graham and JWB smile2NEW YORK, NY – At the risk of sounding hokey, we have truly been blessed by the global rugby community. It doesn’t matter how successful you are, what you do for a living, where you live or how much money you have. We are all family. And the whole shebang boils down to one undeniably amazing, yet basic fact: A rugger is a rugger is a rugger. And that is how we’ve gotten the absolute privilege to interview some of the biggest names in the game on camera; if a rugger tells another rugger you’re okay… You’re okay. That approval, that seemingly simple salutation, enabled today’s treat: Sir Graham Henry, Part I.

Sir Graham, who immediately said, “You can stop with that ‘Sir’ stuff,” patiently put up with us on the morning he was flying with his better half, Raewyn Henry, back home to New Zealand. That’s one heckuva flight from NYC. And he sat with Johnathan Wicklow Barberie (feel free to “Friend” him) less than 24 hours after Kiwi Geoff Andrews and Irishman Des O’Brien (he of O’Brien’s Pub, The Sin Bin & Langan’s), gave Matt McCarthy the “Believe or not – he’s okay,” nod at Langan’s. That was good enough for Coach Henry.

Yet, we digress. Now put away the tissues, hunker down for 4 casual and unconventional minutes of talk ranging from beating England, netball, Olympic Rugby & being Knighted – all while keeping one thing in mind: Part II is much better. Yes, we’re b@st@rds.

Are you reading this without having watched the video? Tsk, tsk… Next time it’s a Red Card.

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