Six Nations Picks: Expert Six Pack Selections and Reasons

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The RWU Six Pack is comprised of West Ghana’s Rugby Rain Man Junoir Blaber, England’s Knight of the Realm Jamie Loyd, East Midlands’ Machiavellian Rugger Nick Hall, the infamous Ireland National, Declan Yeats, the Irish-born, Castres-residing, lean(ish), mean(ish) writing machine, James Harrington and contrived Kiwi Co-Host, Johnathan Wicklow Barberie.
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK: With the  Six Nations standings incredibly tight after two rounds, it should be no surprise that the Six Pack’s standings are equally tight. Round 3 signifies the midway point of the contest; and will likely separate the pretenders from the contenders. Unfortunately for some members of the Six Pack, the same will hold true for those that aspire to win the Title Picker Extraordinaire Trophy.

JWB, Loyd, Hall, Harrington, Blaber, and Yeats
JWB, Loyd, Hall, Harrington, Blaber, and Yeats

As we have previously done for the first two rounds. Each member of our panel will be justifying each one of their picks, not just their Pick of the Week. Without further delay, here’s how the expert panel sees round 3 of the Six Nations playing out.


Wales v France: Make it or break it game for both sides. If either side want to be a contender for the 2014 title, they must win…
BLABER: Wales look burned out and bereft of ideas. France are willing their way to victories.
HARRINGTON: France have played decent rugby for… what…? 30 minutes so far this Six Nations – the first 20 minutes against England and 10 minutes after halftime against Italy. They’ll need to play better for longer to beat Wales at the Millennium Stadium.
YEATS: Wales are my third favorite team so always pick them unless playing Ireland. (Pick of the Week)
LOYD: If you believe that Wales are the still the dominant power they have been the last couple of years, then you will believe that two weekends ago was a blip.
HALL: I was really alarmed by how poor Wales looked against Ireland. Two weeks off may have some restorative powers, but this will be a bridge too far. France for the win.
JWB: France won’t win this because they should win this! Wales can’t be as bad as they’ve been. The home crowd will carry them in a close one, but don’t wager confidently because Les Frogs have the legs for a win.

England v Ireland: Arguably the greatest rivalry in international history. As both sides got better over the past decade, the contest became tighter. Once more these old foes – and the result – will go a long way to determining the 2014 Six Nations Champion.
BLABER: England’s backs lack cutting edge and Irish have slight advantage in the forwards.
HARRINGTON: England outplayed France and destroyed Scotland away from home. Lancaster’s young guns will be too much for BOD’s old boys.
YEATS: Seriously?? Allow me to re-introduce myself, Declan Yeats, former Irish National and allegedly the dirtiest rugger player ever. Ireland by forfeit – or close to it!
LOYD: Beyond my allegiance to the Queen, you have to look at how well this young team is playing and believe in The Bomber and his young charges at Fortress Twickenham. (Pick of the Week)
HALL: I just can’t quit the English, try as I might. My pool shark dad always taught me to bet with my head, not my heart. Good thing I never listened.
JWB: The mix of new and old will keep the likes of O’Connell and BOD/God playing as men ten years their junior. Besides, who in their right mind would pick England when their mommy is Irish? (Pick of the Week)

Six Nations Wooden Spoon 2013 France Rugby_Wrap_UpItaly v Scotland: We are making porridge – does anyone have something to stir with? Anything at all!? What’s that? You have a Wooden Spoon for us to use…
BLABER: Scott Johnson couldn’t coach a cow to eat grass. I-ties romp. (Pick of the Week)
HARRINGTON: Vern Cotter will learn just what a job he’s getting himself into… Or at least would – if he wasn’t officially watching Clermont beat Montpellier at Marcel Michelin. Maybe he’ll be streaming this game on his phone… (Pick of the Week)
YEATS: Scotland is my fourth favorite team so always take – them unless playing Ireland or Wales.
LOYD: Neither side has looked great but Italy have shown a bit more spark in the backline and an ability to at least cross the whitewash.
HALL: Scott Johnson needs to go away. Now. Benching his best player from the last round, keeping Brown in the cold, both nonsensical decisions that will keep the let the Italians claim victory.(Pick of the Week)
JWB: Italy favored in a 6N match?! Scotland an underdog vs Italy?! What’s next, meatless lasagna? The gut says Thistles but the wallet says Azzuri.

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And until the next time… stay low and keep pumping those legs.

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