Dual-Sport Athlete: Chloe Butler

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RWU HQ – We’ve seen players mix football and rugby together here at RWU before… But what about lingerie football?

Chloe Butler is on the left.
Chloe Butler is on the left.

Yup, you read that right! Lingerie football!

Meet Chloe Butler. Butler has been playing, and succeeding, in the Lingerie Football League for quite some time now and recently wanted to make the transition to rugby. Butler is suiting up with the Australia Wallaroos upcoming IRB Rugby World Cup.

Before transitioning to rugby, Butler has found success in lingerie football in both the United States and Australia, playing for both the Los Angeles Temptation and New South Wales Surge. In 2012, the wide receiver had one of her most successful years as a football player and made the LFL All-Fantasy Game Tour.

According to Butler, if it weren’t for lingerie football, she wouldn’t be the rugby player she is today.

“These girls are fair dinkum athletes,” Butler told The Daily Telegraph. “They’re hitting hard and there is great support in terms of strength and conditioning and the best of physio and training facilities in terms of developing athletes, so I just took the opportunity.

cb2“Had I not found the LFL and had a platform to keep me elite, in a contact sport and keep me game fit, I may not have been strong enough to be the player I am today.”

Like other players who have transitioned between football and rugby, Butler has played a such an intense and full-contact sport that has allowed her to transition towards her newest sport.

“It’s just for one day that you dress up in that, the rest of the time you’re just a normal football athlete,” Butler said. “You train in a normal outfit and you have your teammates, just like a normal football team.”

Butler is currently a lock and flanker with the Wallaroos, and will make her World Cup debut with Team Australia on Sunday.

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