Test Your Rugby Smarts, Win Vegas 7s Trip, NY 7s and SnapCall

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SnapCall at Soldier Field

SnapCall Partners with NY 7s, Giving Away Trip to Vegas 7s

NEW YORK, NY – You know something is a good thing when sponsors, advertisers and innovators like SnapCall get involved with whatever that something is… In this case, it’s Rugby.

We were introduced to SnapCall just before the USA vs All Blacks match when they came to us to help them with their first rugby match. We helped provide the questions that fans were asked during the match. The questions ranged from tidbits we got before the match talking with players and coaches, to predicting what would happen next – live – during the match. It was a big hit with everybody, including the winner, who won a round-trip for two to the Rugby World Cup in England to see Team USA take on the Springboks. No joke.

And they’re back for more with the NY 7s.

In both instances, Chicago and NY that is, they asked us to come up with a good prize for the winner. We came up with the RWC trip for the Soldier Field match, and when we didn’t get a pie in the face, we knew these SnapCall folks were for real.

For this one, we’re helping out pro bono. Why? Glad you asked. There are two reasons: A) We’re members of the host club, the NewYork Rugby Club and B) We talked SnapCall into taking the plunge into 7s with the tres cool tourney taking place this Saturday in the Big Apple, which can be a bit tricky. And yet they didn’t hesitate when we brought up the Vegas 7s trip for SnapCall winner. There will also be prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place winners.

So, what do we need from you?

First, we need you to download the app and check it out. They already cover the main American sports, so you can get a feel for how it works. Basically, you pick a game they are covering, answer questions and see how you rank. You can also chat with friends (we got into some serious trash talk with the staff) and bring in your Twitter and Facebook pals. We’re in there as RugbyWrapUp, so friend us!

Screenshot_2014-11-28-09-25-45_resizedNext, we need you to try and win the trip to Vegas. Get off to a strong start by building up points prior to the tourney. You do that by picking the winners of the first half of the tourney in advance. See the screenshot from our phone…  They’re also asking you to play during the tourney – which is being streamed live – and get friends to download as well. This is what you’ll see once you’re in

Why are we pushing SnapCall? That’s easy. As non-app and non-video gamers, this thing grabbed us because it was right in our wheelhouse: flexing our knowledge of rugby, predicting what would happen in the match – and talking trash the whole time.

But that’s only part of the reason. The other part is that SnapCall sees Rugby as a real sport, with a real future and, consequently, are treating us fans with respect… while giving us something very cool to do. That’s huge and the rugby community needs companies like this.

Oh, and did we mention that you can watch the NY 7s Premier matches live? Click here for info.

Even if you don’t want to go to Vegas, check this thing out and watch the live stream. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Here’s their release, which gives the more professional explanation and pertinent info for the NY 7s Contest.


Hello Fellow Ruggers, Family and Friends…

It’s a pleasure to announce rugby’s newest partner, SnapCall, a groundbreaking social sports experience where you can compete – in real time – to earn points, bragging rights and great prizes. SnapCall is totally changing the game!

Now rugby enthusiasts can get right out on the pitch and in the heat of the competition with live, televised or streamed events. With SnapCall, you can immerse yourself in the play-by-play action by predicting plays and answering questions from rugby experts. Bond with other rugby fans around the world over some good-hearted trash talk.

Fans at Soldier Field & those watching NBC’s network or steamed broadcast, got to take part in SnapCall’s rugby debut, have some fun and compete for the grand prize – along with a 2nd and 3rd prizes – for the highest points earners. It was thrilling to learn that the Grand Prize:
A trip for 2 to the USA vs. South Africa at the 2015 World Cup in London including airfare – was won by an avid rugger in Auckland, New Zealand!

Everyone has a chance to win, whether watching the Premier Field matches streaming live at Randall’s Island, being on the sidelines – or even playing. Just download SnapCall, invite friends and you’ll have a chance to win the Grand Prize:
A trip for 2 with a 3-day package to the USA 7s in Vegas, airfare and hotel.

Visit the NY 7s/SnapCall page by clicking here to learn how to get in on the action.

Get started now – before the matches – for the best chance to win! Grow your list of friends from around the world. Then practice on other sporting events over next few days or Thanksgiving Holiday (if you’re in the USA) with friends and family, adding a new holiday tradition of friendly competition!

Start today and join me with welcoming our new partner! Invite friends now to get in on this awesome rugby tradition and your chance to win!


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There you have it. Downloading SnapCall helps us help grow the game – and you can have some fun in the process and win some prizes.

Click here to like/find SnapCall on Facebook and here to follow on Twitter.

P.s… The term “All Blacks” originated:
A) Due to the Aura and Mystique of the men that played.
B) From a Misprint in a report covering the match.
C) As per Admiral Stewart (discoverer of JWB’s Stewart Island home), who was frightened by the Maori war-cry [haka], who said, “The souls of those men are All Black.

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