VIDEO: Rugby Town Hall Parts 1 & 2: USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne, Tess Feury, Steve Lewis

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*Part 2 was added on April 6th. See below.

Rugby New Jersey Town Hall at the Yogi Berra Museum with Dan Payne, Tess Feury, Steve Lewis… Matt McCarthy hosting.
KJ Feury proudly watches Tess.

MONTCLAIR, NJ – In keeping with his promise to make things a bit more transparent when it comes to USA Rugby, its membership and rugby fans in America, CEO Dan Payne came to this nice New Jersey town to the Yogi Berra Museum, foreign open forum Town Hall, put on by Rugby New Jersey. Our Matt McCarthy was fortunate enough to host.

This is Town Hall Part 1:

Steve Lewis & Melrose Cup.

This is Town Hall Part 2, which welcomes former PRO Rugby director Steve Lewis into the mix. Topics include: “passionate” parents’ ire over yanking their kids from school for camps and tourneys, talk of professional rugby in the United States, Women’s Rugby World Cup and USA Rugby’s strategic plan. and welcomes former PRO Rugby director Steve Lewis into the mix.

As you can see/hear, there is a passion for rugby rising in the United States. Credit the hard work and sacrifice of folks like the Feurys, Terry Matthews, Morris Rugby’s Craig Chapman, Dr. Blaise Latriano, Sharon Menella and Union Rugby’s Diane Dabulas – to name but a handfulwhose hands-on efforts are the key components in building American rugby via their youth programs.

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