STUDIO SHOW: Saving Old Boys Rugby: New York Rugby Club’s Troy Benson on Rugby Palooza

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NEW YORK, NY – In Part II of Week 18 in our Fantasy Sports Network show, we have two segments. Part II features the New York Rugby Club’s Troy Benson, who is quite possibly Saving Old Boys Rugby with his Rugby Palooza concept, and how it brings together different squads to combat shortages of “mature” players. Featured are distinguished members of:
TROY-BENSON Matt_McCarthy Rugby_Wrap_Up, Old_Boys_RugbyRockaway Fisheads Rugby
Village Lions – Lion Kings
Morris Rugby
New York Rugby Club‘s Gentlemen of NY

Part I features USA Rugby Eagles 15s Captain Tiffany Faaee and Koma Gandy Fischbein, who is Head Coach of both Navy Men’s 7s and the Village Lions Men’s 7s. Both are extraordinary women and their candid discussion with Matt McCarthy includes:
Rugby_Wrap_Up Tiffany_Faaee Troy_Benson Koma_Gandy_Fishbein Matt_McCarthyWomen’s Rugby
Barbarians Including Women
-Future Rugby World Cups vs Emergence of 7s
Women Coaching Men & breaking molds
San Diego Surfers vs Chicago North Shore in a double-header
Women’s Premiere League
National Team Needs
New York Rugby Club

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Here is Week #18 Part I:

Here’s Week #19 Part II:

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