STUDIO SHOW: New York Rugby Club, NY7s, Phaidra Knight Salute, NYRC’s Dan Cavanaugh, John Broker

RWU FNSY Show 21 Team of the Week NYRC New-York-Rugby-7s, Phaidra_Knight
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RWU FNSY Show 21 Team of the Week NYRC New-York-Rugby-7s, Phaidra_Knight

NEW YORK, NYShow 21, Part II of our weekly Fantasy Sports Network show is our Team of the Week feature. Front and center is the New York Rugby Club and the NY 7s, one of the biggest tournaments in North America. This international tourney has been growing strong since 1959 by a club founded in 1929. It’s a great New York City event. Director Dan Cavanaugh, Commentator John Broker and our Matt McCarthy discuss:
-The #NY7s History
-Favorite Memories
-Memorable MVPs
-How to Register
-Flo Rugby Coverage

Be sure to check out Part I & Part III below.

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Here is Week #21 Part II:

Here is Week #21 Part I. It features Martin Pengelly (The Guardian US), Jamie Wall (, NZ Radio), John Broker (Flo Rugby, Bulldog Rugby) & Matt McCarthy. Topics discussed are:
November Internationals
-Preview of Northern and Southern Hemisphere Heavyweights
-Start of the Gary Gold Era
USA Rugby Interim Coaching Staff
Men’s Eagles vs enticing Germany & physical Georgia
-Who Will Host Rugby World Cup 2023

Here is Week #21 Part III with Dallen Stanford giving details on the 35 USA-based Aviva Premiership Scholarship Winners… in conjunction with The Friends of the British Council and AEG Rugby.

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