Rugby TV and Podcast: USA Rugby CEO Ross Young, Candid, Calm, Collected Under Fire

Ross Young, Matt_McCarthy, Rugby_Wrap_Up, USA_Rugby, Augustin_Pichot
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Ross Young, Matt_McCarthy, Rugby_Wrap_Up, USA_Rugby, Augustin_Pichot

RUGBY TOWN, USA – Okay, so the “interim” tag is still attached to Ross Young, technically. Our intelligence, however, says it’s just a matter of time before he is the full-time CEO of USA Rugby. In this Week 64 segment of our Fantasy Sports Network show, Matt McCarthy sits with Mr. Young for a candid chat about a variety of things, including:

-The mess he’s inherited
-Richie Walker and Chris Brown
-USA Rugby’s debt to World Rugby
-World Rugby’s
Agustín Pichot being on the USAR Board
-Changing By-Laws
-RWC 7s in San Francisco
-College Eligibility

It’s the full interview, so watch at your leisure or download the podcast version. And a big thank you to the folks of Rugby Town, USAGlendale, CO – for facilitating the interview.


Barbara O’Brien USA Rugby Board of DIrectors, Rugby_Wrap_Up
And be sure to check out, Interim Chair for USA Rugby’s Board of Directors, Barbara O’Brien, re: re:

-The Seismic Shifts in Board Personnel
-Becoming a Permanent CEO
-A Need for Transparency
Augustin Pichot
-USA Rugby’s Debt to World Rugby and others
Stepping Up


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