Rugby TV and Podcast: Opinionated Rugby United NY/MLR Owner James Kennedy & CEO Pierre Arnald

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NEW YORK, NY – One of the great things about the new Major League Rugby entity, is the access. Coaches, players and owners all understand that coming on camera, mic or being available for scribes, is as important as a bonus point win on the road. From the forest foothills of Mount Rainier in Seattle to the crisp Coney Island Atlantic Ocean air in New York, there is an endearing deconstruct of that “us vs them” moat that so often separates professional sports teams from the very fans that pay the bills. James Kennedy, opinionated owner of Rugby United NY – #RUNY – operates out in the open, heart fully planted on sleeve… and ready to answer all questions from all askers (new word?). In this Week 80 installment of our Fantasy Sports Network show, Kennedy and RUNY CEO Pierre Arnald – he of the gaudy French Top14 “curriculum vitae” – engage, answer and opine in a fast-moving, and all-too-short conversation with Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy. Some of the things discussed are:
Parity’s place in the #MLR
-Cold weather teams playing on the road
-The Rugby Calendar
-Impact of the #ARC – America’s Rugby Championship
-Getting that first win
-Impact of TV deals
Beer Sales
Rugby Pundits living in their parents’ basement


AND BE SURE TO SEE our other two segments this week:
MLR Break Down: Lewis and McCarthy analyze, offer opinion, hear from players.


AND…. ARC/6N/Sydney 7s: Lewis and McCarthy look at and predict each.


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Rugby-United-New-York-Owner-James-Kennedy-&-CEO-Pierre-Arnald, Rugby_Wrap_Up
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