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NEW YORK, NY – If you drew up an over-the-top, suspension-of-reality script and then cast too-good-to-be-true characters at Central Casting, maybe – just maybe – you’d equal the episodic rugby television we witnessed in Major League Rugby Week #1. In this Week #80 of our Fantasy Sports Network show, Matt McCarthy and Steve “The Lizard” Lewis break down each dramatically close match. Their analysis/exchange includes:
Noisy Fans during opponents kicking
Controversial Officiating
Haute Couture
Brock Staller of the Seawolves live on the pitch
-Surprise Results
6 Rugby World Cups between Lou Stanfill & Mike Petri
-Disappointing performances
-Stadiums and Fans
Jesuits vs Jesuits

And it all gets kicked off by one of our favorite people on and off the pitch, Ollie Kilifi.

AND DON’T MISS this week’s two other segments:

MAJOR LEAGUE RUGBY… Matt McCarthy & Steve Lewis weigh in on:
Six Nations:
-Will Italy win a match? #WoodenSpoon again?
#EddieJones & John Mitchell missives
-Will #Ireland unseated as #6N masters?

Sevens World Series:
-World’s Best Player out of action -Powerful #Fiji7s
-Resilient USA Eagles; can they stay the course?
#Aussie7s Women to win #Sydney7s?
-Silver Medals for both American entries?

Americas Rugby Championship:
-How long before #Argentina sends #Jaguares to #ARC ?
Eagles Three-peat?
-Late Scratches & Adds


MORE MLR Rugby United NY Owner James Kennedy and #RUNY CEO Pierre Arnald – he of the gaudy French Top14 “curriculum vitae” – engage, answer and opine in a fast-moving, and all-too-short conversation with Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy. Some of the things discussed are:
Parity’s place in the #MLR
-Cold weather teams playing on the road
-The Rugby Calendar
-Impact of the #ARC – America’s Rugby Championship
-Getting that first win
-Impact of TV deals
Beer Sales
Rugby Pundits living in their parents’ basement



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