Mayhem Mauls Rhinos Saturday in Rain-Soaked Tampa

Mayhem Mauls Rhinos
Rookie-winger Jordan Algere earned the Tampa Mayhem's "Man of the Match" honors.
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TAMPA, FL – On Saturday, 06 July, the Tampa Mayhem (2-3-0) played host to the Atlanta Rhinos (2-3-0) Saturday at Tampa Catholic High School. In this rain-soaked, and storm-shortened, game, Tampa avenged its road loss at Atlanta with a 54 to 0 home win. The theme of the game: Mayhem Mauls Rhinos.

Not far east of Tampa, lightning led to a postponement/cancellation of the hosting Lakeland Renegades (1-4-0) v Jacksonville Axemen (5-0-0) match-up at Lakeland’s All Saints Academy, home field for the Renegades. The Southwest Florida (SWFL) Copperheads (2-3-0) took last Saturday’s bye.

Mayhem Win Big Over Rhinos

The Tampa v. Atlanta match-up looked rainy from the get-go. The clouds were dark, and many in the crowd brought in umbrellas. Not far into the first half, the rain began. Shortly after the opening-half’s water break, at which time Tampa led Atlanta 16 to 0, lightning forced a 20-minute stoppage in play. When the half resumed, Tampa built up the lead to 34 to 0 by halftime.

Following the return to the game, Tampa scored 20 more points. Due to deteriorating field conditions and lightning again not far in the distance, referees agreed to call the game with 20 minutes left in the second-half. Effectively, this cut off the time missed from the first storm-forced delay off from the end of the game.

For the Tampa Mayhem, Jordan Algere scored his first four Rugby League tries Saturday, leading his team in terms of scored tries, and earning him Man-of-the-Match honors. In addition to Algere, JL Hauser also reached the try zone three times. Also, Mayhem Captain Justin Branca scored the two tries for his team, with import Ed Mackie also earning a try for Tampa. Finally, Aussie import Jay Kissick converted eight of his ten kicks. These four players’contributions added up Tampa’s 54 points in the contest. Wrapping up coverage once again with the theme of the game: Mayhem Mauls Rhinos.

Tampa Mayhem Captain Branca’s Feel on the Game

Like the game itself, Mayhem Captain Justin Branca kept his post-game wrap-up short and sweet: “Sloppy conditions, but a gutsy performance by Atlanta playing this far away in the rain. Glad to have avenged our earlier season to loss Atlanta and looking forward to the next two home games.”

RWU Previews This Coming Saturday’s USA Rugby League South Conference Action

This coming Saturday, 13 July, the Lakeland Renegades will travel west on Interstate-4 for a rematch with the Tampa Mayhem. Also this weekend, the SWFL Copperheads will host the Atlanta Rhinos. This Saturday is Jacksonville’s second bye for the 2019 USARL Season.

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