Rugby TV and Podcast: Major League Rugby: Most Important Players (Eastern Conference) w/ Bryan Ray, Predictions, Analysis

Major League Rugby: Most Important Players (Eastern Conference) wit Bryan Ray, Predictions, Analysis
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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – For those of you not sure of Major League Rugby’s reach, just consider that Bryan Ray of Americas Rugby News joins our Week #126 show from… Nova Scotia! Mr. Ray and our Matt McCarthy pick up where Mike Tolkin and McCarthy left off, with #MLR2020 M.I.P.s (Most Important Players) – this time for the Eastern Conference. This fast-paced show includes:
Dylan Fawistt, Rugby United NY Captain on the sidelines after the NYC Baa-Baas match
Colby Marshall’s debut as a Rugby Wrap Up correspondent
-Bryan Ray insulting his fellow Canadians and all of Uruguay & Argentina
-A NOLA player being grounded by his parents
KJ Feury scaring Matt McCarthy
Combines in NJ & Connecticut



Former USA Rugby & Rugby United NY coach Mike Tolkin and our Matt McCarthy with RWU MIPsMost Important Players for each team in the Western Conference. Tolkin also breaks down what he saw of the historic match in Washington, as he was the color commentator for the broadcast. Be sure to check out our other installment, this one from our trip to Buffalo to see the Toronto Arrows bang heads with Rugby United NY in the Bills bubble. Great footage from that, along with interviews with stars Ben LeSage and Tomás de la Vega.


AND… Toronto Arrows stars Ben LeSage and their Argentinian import Tomás de la Vega.


HOW ABOUT L.A. Sevens?

With the move of the HSBC Sevens Series move from Vegas to Los Angeles around the corner, the architect of the move, USA Rugby and Bath legend Dan Lyle teams with our Matt McCarthy give you 7 Reasons To Go To the #LA7s. This segment includes TWO exclusive announcements. (The ink is dry, FYI)



New members of the Rugby United NY ownership team, Guy Bolton and Ben Young join Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy in the studio. Also, MLR Chairman and Free Jacks co-founder/Chairman Errik Anderson answers questions on the streets of NYC. Finally, Steve and Matt are joined by Derek Lipscomb, part-time RUNY player, full-time teacher and budding broadcast star in the studio of MLR analysis.


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Major League Rugby: Most Important Players (Eastern Conference) wit Bryan Ray, Predictions, Analysis

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