ICYMI: NFL/Atlanta Falcon’s Tight End Alex Grey Signed By Bath  

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BATH, ENGLANDAlex Grey, formerly of the Atlanta Falcons, has recently been signed up by Bath Rugby to give English rugby another chance for his career. Having been involved with teams like Yorkshire Carnegie and Newcastle, he left England with hopes of evolving his career in American football’s NFL. However, it seems that there is no better place for him/his career than returning to where it all began… with English rugby.

With that, many bets are currently being made on Grey’s return, anticipating his influence in fixtures by to come, at www.Sportsbet.com.au. Many have high hopes that he will bring a flavor and kick to the games he will participate in, using his new skills developed over 4 years in America.

Bath Rugby team officials have tweeted how excited they are by the move and signing. They believe that Grey will bring experience and knowledge to the club. In addition to this, he will find a top-notch rugby system – arguably the best he’s experienced in his career.

Grey will literally and figuratively stand tall on the pitch, with a 6 feet and 4 frame, and weighing in at 113kg. No doubt his considerable might and strength will assist his line mates. Bath director of rugby Stuart Hooper told BBC Sports “Alex is a confident and very talented rugby player who brings in a lot of experience to the group.”

Though Alex Grey has an adventurous side and has had many big moments within his career, this move forward will definitely not be one held in vain. The opportunity is good for both Grey and Bath Rugby. Both will benefit from this highly strategic move. His stock and style game play will bring a fresh look to Bath’s usual routine and power. Integrating Grey’s style into Bath’s game plan will surely come from strength to strength.

Indeed, Bath have been able to integrate rugby players from all over the world, including Australia, over the years. They have never failed to combine a players strengths into the team morale and play quality.

Having kept their eye on Alex for a while, Bath never thought that their bid for the player would be a successful one. When the opportunity came to be, they took it without question and proceeded forward. All we can wait for in between matches, is to see how far he comes and grows back within the English rugby league.

Alex Grey to Bath, Bettor_Media, Rugby_Wrap_Up

After such a negative onset by #COVID and many a depressing rugby sports headlines taking over the press, this news is definitely positive. Fans can be rest assured that there is something to look forward to; perhaps matches involving a new extra spice and/or flavor taken from abroad. Indeed, word out on the street is that Alex Grey will help Bath Rugby create a fair share of advantageous headlines in the not-to-distant future… it is just a matter of time and patience.


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