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LAS VEGAS, NY – Raise your hand if you think you know how Major League Rugby matches will turn out. Raise a brow if you know who will win and by what margin but heretofore had nobody to share your gift with. Perhaps you’ve been waiting… waiting to see some point spreads, have some experts offer advice, simultaneously entertain, and offer insight otherwise unavailable to you… Well, your wait is over. “What Are The Odds?!” has arrived and its name reflects the improbability of all things surrounding the #COVID Comeback of #MLR2021?. – and even professional rugby in the USA. Full of banter, betting tips and braggadocio, tune in as WWE Legend John “Bradshaw” Layfield, his betting mentor & “Follow The Action” partner and sports gambling guru, The Philly Godfather, Giftime Rugby Network’s Gift Egbelu & our Matt McCarthy offer intelligence (loose meaning of the word) on teams and players, predict outcomes vs the spreads and take shots at each other in the process. And be sure to check out this week’s other segments, including:

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