Rugby Rain Man Presents… The Biden Cabinet Rugby Match-Day 23

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NIAGARA FALLS,  NY –  I have been a bit busy with life but when I informed Management about this little game and conversation I play with my friends, they/it insisted I share it with you.

Every now and then we can be having a discussion on something and things go quiet as people get busy with life, so someone names a celebrity 15 or 23; Star Wars or Star Trek or something like that. So I was asked what I thought of the new president’s cabinet. My response

1 – Alejandro Mayorkas ( Homeland Sec)
2 – Merrick Garland (AG)
3 – Lloyd Austin (Defense Sec)
4 – John Kerry (Climate Envoy)
5 – Anthony Bliken (SoS)
6 – Tom Vilsack (Agriculture Sec)
7 – Marcia Fudge (HUD)
8 – Marty Walsh (Labor Sec)
9 – Ron Klain (Chief of Staff)
10 – Kamala Harris (VP)
11 – Deb Haaland (Interior Sec)
12 – Janet Yellen (Treasury Sec)
13 – Pete Buttigieg (Transportation Sec)
14 – Gina Raimondo (Commerce Sec)
15 – Xavier Becerra (HHS Sec)

However, since I put this list together and had have a word-count quota, I had to really think up the bench.
16 – Vivek Murthy (Surgeon General)
17 – Avril Hines (DNI)
18 – Dennis McDonagh (VA)
19 – William Burns (CIA)
20 – Deanne Criswell (FEMA)
21 – Susan Rice (Domestic Policy Council Director)
22 – Jennifer Granholm (Energy Sec)
23 – Miguel Cardona (Education Sec)

6’1 (1.85m), 200 lbs (95kg) with a demeanor befitting an old school amatuer era tighthead

Front Row:
The Sec of Defense is always a good call for tighthead and when you get a look at Lloyd Austin, he is a large man, so it makes sense to have a no nonsense guy like that at 3. Then another National Security guy in Ale Mayorkas works because homeland is a large department that requires flexibility. Merrick Garland at hooker works because the AG need to be big about the striaght and narrow so I expect a clean hook and good throws from him. On the bench, straight forwardness is why Dr. Murhty is coming in at back-up hooker. I went national security again with Avril Hines at loosehead because there is need for nuance at loosehead and Dennis McDonagh as back-up tighthead because the demands of VA head require an unbuckling demeanor which is important in a tighthead. As you can see National Security and law dominate my front row choices

Second Row:
My second row has a distinct global field. In the starting line-up is current Sec of State Anthony Blinken as he will provide great energy and drive which is important as the SoS is considered most important position after pres and vice pres. Former SoS and climate envoy John Kerry provides another person with vision and calm. Off the bench comes the CIA director, William Burns, great person to have when you want to finish the game.

Back Row:
At 6 aka blindside will be Tom Vilsack. Vilsack heads up Agriculture which is no one can easily explain what USDA does and the ability to get through a mountain of unseen work is which is how from England flanker Richard Hill became a legend for the work he did at 6. Neera Tandan was going to be my 7. Apparently she has ruffled some feathers with her personality which, I don’t know about you, seems like the makings of a perfect openside in my opinion, but she was forced to withdraw her nomination. So I pick Marcia Fudge. She seems to have some spitfire and HUD is another massive agency that will require a high work rate. At 8 and redefining the concept of workhorse 8 is Dept of Labor sec and former mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh. Walsh seems very comfy making tough calls and that fearlessness will be usual while making hard yards. On the Bench is Deanne Criswell, the head of FEMA. This is a player that is always prepared to go in should things go sideways and you like to have that off the bench.

Fly Half Harris a big proponent of kicking for points early and often

The Presidents Chief of Staff is gonna be extremely busy and directing a lot of traffic so it makes since to make Ron Klaine, 9 and the VP will be tasked with carrying out the presidents plans often so a natural fit at 10 for Kamala Harris. On the bench is an experienced person use to being under pressure in Susan Rice. The importance of up-tempo attach is solved by the Sec of Energy, Jennifer Granholm. With experience as a leader, being the former governor of Michigan, Granholm is perfect here.

Centres (European Spelling):
The Dept of Treasure is a heavy hitter of a departmentt and a good fit to be a powerful 12 to make the grainline and suck in the opposition, so Janet Yellen plays 12. The brilliant young talent in Pete Buttgieg fits the role of a 13 that will communicate with the wings and fullback as well as inside center. He if fearless and a great mentor. I have the Sec of Ed., Miguel Cardona, coming into replace the Treasure Sec, but he a perfect explanation thought I am keep once in the pricelessness. He will be needed shortly.

Back 3:
The Back three features a woman on the right is Rhode Island Governor,  Gina Raimondo and she is partnered with an experienced left winger that  began her walking to be the Sec of Interior by being an activist, Deb Haaland. Then at the back keeping everyone safe is the head of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra.

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