Rugby TV/Pod: Major League Rugby Previews & Opinion, Free Jack’s Captain Josh Larsen and a #MLR Mystery Guest

Major League Rugby
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HOBOKEN, NJ – In an eye-blink, we’re through five rounds of Major League Rugby, season 5. With tight playoff races already taking shape, Dan Power, Bryan Ray & Matt McCarthy sort through it all, check in with New England Free Jacks’ Captain Josh Larsen and figure out who this latest Mystery Guest is! PLUSCONTROVERSIAL  OUT-TAKES! In this 1-minute-long segment, Josh Larsen faces questions re his DIVING vs NY and his Canadian-ism!

Also Included:
Gilgronis Unbeaten
Warriors Scalp Jackals
NOLA Survive
Waaka Wows
Orene Ai’i




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NEW YORK, NY – Now that the cream of the crop in Major League Rugby has started to separate itself from the rest of the pack,  WWE Legend John Bradshaw Layfield, Gift Egeblu, Nate Osborne (former NOLA Gold Head Coach) & Matt McCarthy – are having a lot more success with their picks… and their one-liners and zingers. That makes your chances of making some money, while being entertained, pretty much guaranteed.

All but the embattled Egbelu were above .500 – with Gift getting the Wooden Spoon. Why? He bet on the SaberCats to lose by less than 6 points. They lost by 7. Meow.

Anyway, tune in to this week’s episode for Major League Rugby & 6 Nations Picks, Trash Talk, Hurt Feelings and a Frozen Nate Osborne, who is surprisingly chatty for someone who can’t even figure out their own internet.



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