The Rugby Odds: Major League Rugby & 6 Nations Picks, Trash Talk, Frozen Nate Osborne, Hurt Feelings

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NEW YORK, NY – You know the old saying: “A rising tide lifts all boats?” Well now that the cream of the crop in Major League Rugby has started to separate itself from the rest of the pack, the guys – WWE Legend John Bradshaw Layfield, Gift Egeblu, Nate Osborne (former NOLA Gold Head Coach) & Matt McCarthy – are having a lot more success with their picks – and their one-liners. That makes your chances of making some money, while being entertained, pretty much guaranteed.

All but the embattled Egbelu were above .500 – with Gift getting the Wooden Spoon. Why? He bet on the SaberCats to lose by less than 6 points. They lost by 7. Meow.

Anyway, tune in to this week’s episode for Major League Rugby & 6 Nations Picks, Trash Talk, Hurt Feelings and a Frozen Nate Osborne, who is surprisingly chatty for someone who can’t even figure out their own internet.



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HOBOKEN, NJ – In an eye-blink, we’re through five rounds of Major League Rugby, season 5. With tight playoff races already taking shape, Dan Power, Bryan Ray & Matt McCarthy sort through it all, check in with New England Free Jacks’ Captain Josh Larsen and figure out who this latest Mystery Guest! PLUSCONTROVERSIAL  OUT-TAKES! In this 1-minute-long segment, Josh Larsen faces questions re his DIVING vs NY and his Canadian-ism!

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