The Rugby Odds: MLR Picks, Threats of Slap-Fights, A Legend Implodes, & Gift’s “Sophie’s Choice.”

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NEW YORK, NY – Get your MLR pick-fix with WWE Legend John Bradshaw Layfield – aka Johnny Spoons“God’s Gift to Rugby and Mankind” Gift “King” Egbelu, and your malnourished maestro Matt McCarthy!

This week the Triumphant Trio picks some great match-ups and, as always, has a little fun while they’re doing it. Maybe the real money is the friends we all made along the way? No. It’s probably just money.

Anyway, we had a huge spike in our revenue after Matt fired all of our producers, so we paid a room full of 100 chimpanzees on MacBook Pros to edit this episode.



And be sure to check out this week’s MLR Weekly, as Major League Rugby’s season is in the home stretch. MLR playoff implications are hanging on every pass, kick and chase, so Bryan Ray, Dan Power and Matt McCarthy chase down what you need to know, going into this weekend. Helping make things a bit less convoluted, Rugby NY and USA Rugby legend, Dylan “The Butcher” Fawsitt and Legion stud Ben Mitchell feature on this week’s fast-paced, chock-full show.

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AND…. our Bonus Interview with the unsung Ben Mitchell of San Diego.

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