The Triumph of Black Lion

Rugby World Cup France 2023 Partnership Announcement (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)
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NEW YORK, NY – During the Grand Finale, the Black Lion was triumphant in beating the Lusitanos with a final tally of 17-14, leading them to win the Rugby Europe Super Cup for this season, held in Lisbon’s CAR Jamor Floor.

Black Lion Going Victorious

According to Vwin, Thai sports betting news, it was not an easy win for the first forty minutes during the opening. The Georgians and their opponents traded blows until the Georgians made the first few points because of their maul. A maul is a weapon they used and has helped them tremendously ever since the start of the tournament and competition.

The Lusitanos fought with a try, an excellent and strategic move by Manuel Pinto, and later on, gained a penalty while trying to keep up with the Georgians as they passed half-time. It continued to be a close-quarters match with unbreakable defenses by the Black Lion as the team slowly gained a slight advantage.

The Lusitanos came out refreshed during the second half and felt more competitive, applying enough pressure but gaining another penalty. They tried to take control of the entire game, but several visitors joined in physicality, pushing and overpowering the Portuguese, which led to a change in tides.

The Georgians were able to bounce back during the game’s final quarter. Tengiz Peranidze took advantage, created a thundering scrum, and created a victorious pick-and-go, gaining a score for Black Lion during this team’s final second try.

After the striking point of Tengiz Peranidze, the Lusitanos tried to catch up. However, they could only muster three points because of Levan Maisas’s outstanding defensive strategy. Additionally, the Giorgi Babunashvili kick gave an extra advantage to the Black Lion on the scoreboard.

Black Lion’s Triumphant End

Finally, the referee blew its final whistle, signifying the end of this season’s final Rugby Super Cup game. The Black Lion was crowned as the tournament’s maiden year’s first champions, leading to a two from two in 2022 for the Georgians because they also won during this year’s Rugby Europe Championship.

The Georgian rugby team’s head coach was quite proud of the boys because the Rugby Super Cup was their first time playing like a franchise team. With this, it was vital for them to win the game, serving as a good game and an outstanding experience for the entire Black Lion.

Rugby Europe Super Cup: The Next Steps

After 27 heated matches, the Rugby Europe Super Cup serves as a door to more possibilities and opportunities for the franchise teams, staff, and fans. Thanks to this Super Cup, franchise teams have unleashed their competitive spirits, connecting the national team and local club rugby and creating a stronger rugby community for the entire year.

The Super Cup’s most challenging struggle is developing patience because of economic pressure but also the pressure to create a competent project for the players and the fans. I might rest and take a break on the field today until September. However, the recent competition certainly instilled a deep mark in every fan, staff, and player.

Each individual who followed and witnessed the technical and physical parade in this year’s competition debut is waiting for the Super Cup’s comeback.


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