MLR Weekly: San Diego Coach Danny Lee, Highlights, Opinion, Best Recap In Sports

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SAN DIEGO, CA – The MLR is geographically enormous, stretching from the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest to Miami’s beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. San Diego Head Coach Danny Lee and his Legion have flown back and forth the country twice, up to Seattle and even took a pre-season trip to Utah… and boy, are their arms tired! [Ba Doom Cha]… Anyway, on this MLR Weekly, Coach Lee talks about the team’s tight matches, opponents, pressure and those [bleeping] New England Free Jacks. Also featured are Rugby Morning’s John Fitzpatrick and Bryan Ray of Americas Rugby News.



And don’t miss this week’s The Rugby Odds!

NEW YORK, NY – We’re into April, which means rugby is heating up worldwide. The Rugby Odds won’t let your Rugby IQ wilt under said heat, though. Indeed, WWE Hall of Famer (turned rugby advocate) John Bradshaw Layfield, Irish legend George Hook, King Gift Egbelu and Matt McCarthy will engage & enlighten you in the most-entertaining 24 minutes in rugby.

$$ 81-48 $$
Champions Cup Predictions/Insight
George Hook: Leinster Afoul!
Dupont at #9 or #10
Stormers/Bulls: Road Pansies?
In-Your-Face Crusaders
Lyin’ Lyon
Dragons Duck Wooden-Spoon?
Saints vs Munster
Abe Lincoln’s Big Mistake
Kintetsu Liners Curse
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