The Rugby Odds: Champions/Challenge Cup, MLR, Super Rugby, John Layfield, George Hook, Matt McCarthy

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NEW YORK, NY – If you’re a rugby fan, this is GREAT time of year. With the unprecedented availability to watch matches – everywhere – and so much to choose from – you can’t possibly keep up on your own. No worries, The Rugby Odds has you covered. WWE Hall of Famer (turned rugby advocate) John Bradshaw Layfield, Irish legend George Hook and Matt McCarthy (King Gift Egbelu is on safari) take you around the globe in just 23 gem-studded minutes.

$$ 59-34 $$
La Rochelle Repeat?
Saints Have A Prayer?
5 Yellow Cards For RFCLA
Canes vs Chiefs
Leinster Achillies
Does Challenge Cup Matter?
Tummy Tries?
$$ Picks of the Week $$



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