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Super Rugby Round 5 Preview: Where the real rugby is

March 13, 2014 Jamie Wall 6

AUCKLAND, NZ: Apparently it’s a big weekend for something called the 6 Nations, so most eyes in the Northern Hemisphere will be turned to that. Down […]

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Super Rugby Review: Everyone Comes Crashing Back Down to Earth

March 8, 2014 Jamie Wall 8

AUCKLAND, NZ: Another round down and we had one big upset, one big shootout and one big sigh of relief from the Crusaders. But as […]

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Super Rugby Round 4 Preview

March 6, 2014 Jamie Wall 4

AUCKLAND, NZ: Three weeks in and the competition is already starting to show signs of a breakup. No, not going through each other’s phones and […]

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Super Rugby Round 3 Review

March 2, 2014 Jamie Wall 3

AUCKLAND, NZ: The third week of Super Rugby saw a couple of NZ teams answer some critics (including myself), one Aussie team shoot out of […]

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Super Rugby Round Three Preview

February 27, 2014 Jamie Wall 8

AUCKLAND, NZ: The local excuse for a newspaper is already consigning the Blues season to the garbage can, down in Christchurch they’re ringing the changes […]

Super Rugby Round Two Review

February 23, 2014 Jamie Wall 9

AUCKLAND, NZ: Do you hear that? That’s the creaking of a very rusty gate shutting on the first all-conference round of Super Rugby. Rustier than […]