Two Refs for Rugby: Yay or Nay?

January 9, 2014 Working Class Rugger 7

After being lost in the outback, Australia’s Working Class Rugger is back!  WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA: This headline query – Two Refs for Rugby: Yay or Nay? […]

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The Fine Line Between All Blacks & The Rest: Mind Over Matter

November 30, 2013 Working Class Rugger 7

WOLLOGONG, AUSTRALIA – A fortnight or so ago I wrote an article relating to the difference between the best team(s) in the world and the […]

Rugby Is All In Your Head. Working Class Rugger on the Physical vs Cerebral aspects of the game

November 10, 2013 Working Class Rugger 7

“Matters of the body are not the issue.” –Working Class Rugger WOLLOGONG, AUSTRALIA –   My old man used to love to constantly remind me […]

Australia vs USA Rugby Coaching: Grass Roots Coaching Will Close Canada Gap

September 18, 2013 Working Class Rugger 8

“It’s often easier to point the finger at national coaches when things don’t go to plan.” –Working Class Rugger WOLLOGONG, AUSTRALIA – Inspired by the […]