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Vanilla Ice & Kirwan: Separated at birth?

AUCKLAND, NZRWU threw out the red carpet for John Kirwan and he graciously graced it with his famous fleet feet. For those of you not quite grasping who J.K. is, just Google him. Currently the Head Coach for Team Japan – the Cherry Blossoms – he established a record for scoring tries in Test (International) matches; 35 in 63 matches for the All Blacks, starring in the inaugural Rugby World Cup in 1987 – the only time New Zealand has won. As a 215lb, 6’3″ wing, he was as unstoppable as Jonah Lomu, who basically replaced him. He ran the 100 meters in 10.8. That translates to 10 seconds for 100 meters. That’s fast for anyone, let alone the rugby lookalike of Vanilla Ice. RWU’s Johnathan Wicklow Barberie is the only other man we know to be able to do that. Ironically, they are together in this:

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