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PRINCE CHICHIBU RUGBY GROUND, TOKYO With the breaking news that U.S. Eagle Captain Todd Clever is sitting out the match versus Japan’s Cheery Blossoms, Johnathan Wicklow Barberie seized the moment like any contrived Kiwi would and asked the following questions:

JWB: I have personally witnessed you getting knocked-out and get back in a match in 6 minutes. You don’t miss action. This is big news. What’s the injury?
TC: It’s not that serious and I will be ready for the RWC.

JWB: Sure it wasn’t a curling iron mishap?
TC: Ha ha.


JWB: Did you get hurt dragging your teammates like Hayden Smith and Lou Stanfill around Tokyo? They are big fellas.
TC: No.

JWB: Will Pat Danahy be wearing a long blond wig in this one, just to make John Kirwan (see interview) think you’re in the match?
TC: I hope so!

Hirotoki Onozawa scores!

JWB: Who is the most dangerous player in Japanese rugby?
TC: Winger Hirotoki Onozawa (Suntory Sungoliath).


JWB: How crazy is being on the sideline for this one going to make you?
TC: Wish I could play against some of my teammates from Suntory, and with my USA team mates.

JWB: Is Sunday’s replacement captain Mike Petri the most straight-laced guy in the history of rugby? He’s like somebody out of 1950.
TC: Yes.


JWB: Tell him the kids at Xavier High in NYC are rooting for him.

JWB: We’ll still be wearing our Clever jersey and hair extensions but it’s just bloody rotten that you’re not in there. Good luck to the boys and we’ll see you in NZ.
TC: Thank you!

*Thanks to USA Rugby

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