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WELLINGTON, NZ – After much consternation and bickering our hosts, Johnathan Wicklow Barberie and Declan Yeats – his Irish sidekick/former prop – have made their first round picks for the Rugby World Cup. Curiously, they’ve come up with some rather lopsided results. For instance, when questioned about one seemingly irresponsible and careless prediction – re Ireland vs USA  –  the controversial Yeats waved-off any that questioned him with this, “The Irish will make mashed potatoes of the Eagles. Johnathan disagreed but I told him to stuff it. That’s our pick!” The staff here at RWU also disagrees, and thinks Team USA will slip past Ireland in sloppy-wet driving New Plymouth rain. For there’s one thing Mr. Yeats might not know about the Americans: It’s in their DNA to land at a place called Plymouth and make it home. Okay, Pilgrim? Unfortunately, the suits say it’s up to JWB and Declan, so here are the RWU Rugby World Cup First Round Picks:

You can pick as well. Just go SuperBru.com – but give us your two cents on the above, first.

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