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Matt "Polar Bear" Hawkins

LOS ANGELES, CA – Once again, RWU is happy to have USA 7s Captain, Matthew Hawkins in for a chat. Johnathan Wicklow Barberie had the pleasure:

JWB: You’ve had some surgery? What was it?
MH: yup… Just a little touch up procedure. The lips needed to be a little fuller.

JWB: So it was cosmetic?
MH: No… had my engine revamped for the new season.

JWB: Hmmm. A tad vague -we’ll take the hint. The rumor is though, that it’s a lingering injury from wrestling the Polar Bear in your native South Africa, thus earning your nickname.
MH: This would be very hard to deny.

JWB: How long before you’re back with the Eagles, setting off metal detectors along the way?
MH: Hopefully in 8 – 10 weeks if all goes according to plan.

JWB: What’s your analysis/take on the Eagles match vs Japan, a 20-14 loss Sunday night in Tokyo?
MH: I think its been the same story through out their build up. They haven’t managed to put together a full 80 as a team, unfortunately.

JWB: It seemed like the kicks never found touch or turf and were counter-prodcutive or ill-advised. Is that too simple of an assessment from a cozy, dry sofa?
MH: I think, unfortunately, we have a lot of fans out there who really don’t grasp the level that these guys are playing at and I’m sure it wasn’t the game plan, but it happened and we lost. We have to move on from that game. Learn from it and improve as a team.

JWB: They were a few bounces and some broken plays from being 3-0 in the two games against Canada and Sunday’s match. How does that work or not work for them – that knowledge?
MH: Unfortunately, I think it was a little more than that. I mean, the second game against Canada, we had 15 on 13 and still could not capitalize and turn that advantage in to a W. As I said before, I think we are really lacking a team cohesiveness and it has really been exploited in the RWC warm-up and the Churchill Cup.

JWB: Head Coach Eddie O’Sullivan told RWU that a win against Russia would be a good result in the RWC for the Eagles. Do you think the players would be okay with that and what do you think they can accomplish?
MH: I think the players need to achieve nothing less than that. The talent that we now have in the squad, should allow us to look for more from the team, but unfortunately I think we are still lacking a few pieces of the puzzle.

Mark “Body by Bok” Bokhoven *

JWB: Yesterday, Mathew Drew Turner of England helped us get to know his teammate, Dan Norton, with a revealing Q&A. Between the two them, we learned that James Rodwell was allegedly “frugal” but would be the best Prime Minister of their teammates.  Out of your mates, who would make the best Chairman of the Federal Reserve?
MH: Mark “Body by bok” Bokhoven would have this economy whipped in to shape in no time.

JWB: If you weren’t a world-class rugby player, what pro sport would like to be in and at what position?
MH: That’s a tough call. I actually have 3 others that I would love to have a go at.
1) NFL Player, tight end
2) Professional Tennis Player
3) Formula 1 Driver

DJ Dox

JWB: Who is your favorite artist?
MH: I have to many too name. My favorite DJ right now is DJ Dox out of OZ

JWB: We understand that next week you’ll be the one asking questions of your mates. Are you ready to get to the nitty-gritty?
MH: Absolutely… Really looking forward to it.

JWB: Excellent! Feel better and let me know if you need Declan Yeats as a masseuse.
MH: Appreciate the offer. I’ll get back to you on that.

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