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AUCKLAND, NZ – After some of the heavyweights survived some body blows and ultra uppercuts, it’s time to ring the bell on Round Deux of the Rugby World Cup… Courtesy of, here are our picks – after going
8-0 in Round Une, by the way:

Nambia will get made into Namby Pamby by the tree trunks in the Somoa pack.

Big upset, led by RWU friends Aaron Carpenter and Adam Kleeberger.
They’ll be dancing in the Tim Horton’s on every Canadian corner!

Scotland in rout. The Scots watched Braveheart after having the haggis scared out of
them by Romania (can we call them Romans???) and all will be dandy in Aberdeen!

In a Rocky reversal, Todd Clever looks Russian scrumhalf Alexander Shakirov in the
eye and says, “I must crush you.” That and the absence of Hubit Chakockov
see the the Eagles win by a touchdown.

Unless our mate and current Brave Blossoms Coach John Kirwan put his
cleats on and scores like he once did for New Zealand, it’s going to be rude
homecoming for him with his feisty Japan team.

Tomorrow, USA Eagles 7s Captain Matthew Hawkins.

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