Wales Fan Rips England Fan In A “Spirited” RWC Chat

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Our single biggest supporter and large reason we’re even up and running – we’ll call him Jiff – forwarded this from from a Wales fanatic who is arguing with others about the English team in an international rugby discussion group. Unfortunately, we don’t have the English supporter’s statements at this time. Once we do, we’ll post them. Regardless, we thought it might be entertaining for you:

1) The principal reason for your lack of support is the fact that you are a “loony.” You have been hell-bent on supporting a bunch of arrogant twerps over many years. The contagion has been of the highest order and the same lack of humility has pervaded the whole of English society. The result is total humiliation.

The English players believed that they only had to turn up to win. They showed a total lack of respect for the opposing teams. Their own behaviour was that of spoiled brats. Their coach is just a dope who has no management skills whatsoever.

How could anybody think that there could be an easy game against France at any time ? Just how stupid were the English? From clowns who jump over try lines to total idiots who jump off ferries, the English showed the worst possible aspects of so-called sportsmanship. Even I feel sorry for those English supporters who have some decency and self-respect. The lunatics have taken over the asylum at Twickenham.

I am having the most excellent gloat. Bollocks to the RFU and all those
clowns associated with it!

2) We are all most grateful for your applause and praise. I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am that England screwed up in such style. All we need now is for the idiotic commentators, including King Clown Greenwood, to keep their mouths shut and I’ll be well pleased. In fact,  given the choice between Wales winning the Cup and the English keeping quiet for a few years, I would definitely go for the second option. For far too long we have had to suffer the arrogance of the English biased media and I am looking forward to a few years of objective rugby journalism from now on. It’s good that the natural order has been restored. The English must learn to know their place. They are at the lowest tier of rugby and there is little chance of them changing their status in my lifetime. Well, anyway, I hope I’m dead before the bastards win anything again. Simply couldn’t bear to put up with years and years of bullshit again.

3) Are you trying to say that there was an element of success in England’s World Cup campaign?  It’s presumptious in the extreme to expect the popular opinion here to have an impact on those who have “been following rugby”. My absence from this group does not indicate a cessation in my capacity to analyse rugby. You are quite right, though. England have been poor for a long time. When are the people on TV, the so-called pundits, going to realise this ? Stephen Jones has said so for years now but nobody listened to him either.

I am happy to learn that you were “pleased they got out of their group”. I was positively delighted when they left the competition completely. No doubt some of the clowns will turn up on our TV screens soon telling us what Wales are doing wrong.
4) You are correct. We will gloat for the next four years regardless of any further results in the competition. I wonder how long it will be before Cipriani is hailed as the new Messiah of English Rugby? The nation’s rugby pride may yet be rekindled by this foul-mouthed creature. It’s just what you deserve. Yobs United.

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