Monday Morning Flyhalf: Wilko’s Balls to All Blacks In Bed With French, Weekend Rugby Recap

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Balls broken?

RUGBY CENTRAL – With all that goes on in rugby globally, it’s hard to keep up. But with our crack RWU staff, Twitter, Facebook and simple word of mouth (via international texts) we can at least give you a taste of the recent transpirations (new word) in our weekly Monday Morning Flyhalf:

WILKOS BAD BALLS: As per this stellar account on, England’s Jonny Wilkinson will DID NOT take his balls and go home from the Rugby World Cup. Seems he didn’t like the Cup’s balls. CLICK THIS to check out the full story.

THE RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP: The announcement has been made that the Tri-Nations – the tourney featuring South Africa, Australia & New Zealand – will now include Agrentina’s Pumas. We knew that. What we didn’t know is that it will be NOT be renamed the Quad-Nations or some like derivative.  Instead, as per our friends over over at, it will be known as… Are you ready for this Six Nations fans???…The Rugby Championship. More on that and some great hits by CLICKING HERE.

BETTER FOR TV, LEAGUE, UNION, 7s ???: With NBC/Universal stepping up to the plate to broaden the outreach of televised 7s and 15s in the World Cup, IRB 7s and Olympics, and FOX Sports covering the State of Origin in Rugby League, Damian Flint discusses which is a more viable product to sell to the American TV audience. You may not like his conclusion. Read it HERE. on the AMNRL site.

RUGBY PLAYERS SHOULDN’T SHOWBOAT: If you missed our Facebook posting or re-Tweet of David Flatman’s excellent piece int The Independent on Rugby Code and “Whooping it up” – you need to check it out. Flatman was/is a talented front-rower and he is very passionate – and we feel correct – in his opinion. CLICK THIS to see his view from the Front Row.

RUGBY BEDFELLOWS, NZ & FRANCE?!: That’s right. In an interesting twist of fate, as reported by the globe-galloping rugby reporter Graham Jenkins of, reports that the New Zealand Rugby Union will be opening a rugby office in…Paris! According to Sir Jenkins, this will be to leverage the All Blacks’ commercial strength. What’s next, Marc Lievremont becoming Graham Henry’s back-row coach??? Mon Dieu! You can and should follow GJ on Twitter here: @GrahamESPNscrum.

There. That should give you all enough material to keep you from your jobs, family and other various responsibilities. Speaking of responsibilities, if like beer, wine, cheese or exceptional air travel, please click on our partners’ ads and put something in the shopping cart – you deserve it (and we need to pay some bloody bills!)

England’s Mathew Drew Turner with Turner Tuesday, tomorrow.

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