Turner Tuesday: England Rugby Star Live From Dubai 7s

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Karim Sahib - Getty Images

Every Tuesday, England 7s star Mathew Drew Turner takes on the role of brazen, if not cheeky, reporter for RWU.
DUBAI, UAE –  We’re only a few days away from the Dubai leg of the HSBC Sevens Series and the excitement is already building up in the squad and around the hotel. Dubai is one of the biggest and best stops of the series, because of all the added stuff happening around the event itself. With there being an invitational tourney happening on the fields around the main stadium, you can see some future and past talent either showing what they have got, or that they’ve still got it. It’s also where I actually played my first invitational tourney.

As for me and my England Sevens teammates, a few things have happened since the first leg of the Series last week in the Gold Coast:

This week our squad has a boost from two players joining us. The new faces come with some good new banter… Well mainly from Christian Lewis-Pratt, not Simon Hunt. Simon has successfully managed to drop the share price of both Night Nurse and zopiclone sleep tables in United Arab Emirates. By the way, see the 2-day Emirates air sale  under the banner top right.

If you haven’t heard already Nick Royle is on the TV show “Don’t Tell The Bride” and if you have nothing better tonight and want to see a show full of pure unedited comedy that is the show to watch. You may think that what he says is scripted but believe me, this man comes up with some seriously ridiculous stuff. He is probably the last person I would have organizing my wedding! Well, maybe Dan Norton is the last person.

Speaking of which, Dan Norton or Sergant Sapper (energy stealer), has been named the softest man on the IRB series. But we re all hoping he will be 100% fit this weekend – not the current 98% fit – because as much as I don’t want to say this, he plays a big part in our team.

James Rodwell, aka The Camel, has found a new source of energy from being back in the desert. Wherever you go there are pictures of The Camel. He is like a demi god here. He also bought his engagement ring from the Karama Market the other night!!!

Anyway, it’s been nice to be in the sun for a few weeks now and get a little tan – and by tan I mean severely sunburned. But a few members of our team have become more orange than they should, which makes me want to ask the question about self-tanning. You’ll know who you are and when you read this – you will get that funny feeling. That feeling like it’s you I’m talking about. Yes, I am talking about you!!!

It’s onwards and upwards for our squad this weekend. We’ve learned from our mistakes and are lucky enough to make them right this weekend. Believe me that exactly what we are going to do.