VIDEO: AIG, Play Rugby USA & Rookie Rugby Changing Face of Rugby in USA

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usarugby3909NEW YORK, NY – There are many out there that are completely unaware of a groundswell movement taking place in the United States. Tea Party? No. Lean Forward. No. It’s this thing called Rugby – and “the young people” seem to like it… Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got video proof of  the 6th Annual NYC Cup, sponsored by AIG and run by charming Daniel Craig doppelganger Mark Griffin and the exceptional folks over at Play Rugby USA. 75+ teams of kids invaded New York City’s Randall’s Island – along with their families – for a spectacular moment in AIG The American Rugby Movement.

Our man Johnathan Wicklow Barberie had the honor of being at the event and the good-natured folks from the aforementioned entities trusted him enough to hand him the mic…

What’s not captured in clip – because there was far too much to do so – was also captured in some great photos. CLICK HERE to see them. And be sure to check out AIG’s YouTube Channel.

Aerial Shot

It’s just the beginning folks. Be a part of it.

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