Hot Topics For Rugby NFL Fans Week 2

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After discussing a couple hot topics in the American Football Conference last weekend, we now turn to the NFC. This week highlights the troubles in Seattle and Philadelphia. We have a lot to talk about! Let’s get started!

Irvin has to find a way to not let this suspension negatively impact his career.
Irvin has to find a way to not let this suspension negatively impact his career.

So much for a championship season in Seattle. Right? The Seattle Seahawks been in a boat load of trouble off the field this off-season involving PEDs.

Since 2010, the Seahwaks have the most suspensions due to performance enhancing drugs in the entire league; with five. Seattle has also had six players test positive since 2011.

The Seahawks’ newest suspendee is last year’s first round draft pick and rising star defensive end Bruce Irvin. Irvin was suspended last month for the first four games of the season.After the newest suspension veterans on Seattle held a team meeting to discuss the matters.

“We have to grow up and move past that,” safety Kam Chancellor said SiriusXM interview last month. “That’s pretty much the message right now, growing up and not making the same mistakes over and over.”

But here’s the thing, I’m not quite sure that the players are the problem. You could argue that Head Coach Pete Carroll doesn’t have control of this team. Not only has Carroll had problems with his players at the professional level, but dating back to his time at USC, Carroll’s players found themselves in trouble there as well; involving Reggie Bush.

I understand Carroll is winning, but maybe it’s time to reconsider the head coaching position in Seattle, especially if this type of behavior continues.

Riley Cooper is going to have to do a lot to regain the trust of his teammates.
Riley Cooper is going to have to do a lot to regain the trust of his teammates.

Is there a divide in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room? As bad as Pete Carroll’s situation is in Seattle, I’m sure first year Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly would love to trade places.

Earlier this week veteran wide receiver Riley Cooper found himself in the center of some negative attention after a video circulated of Cooper using the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert last month. The team did not cut him, but the receiver did catch an undisclosed “substantial” fine.

Cooper, who the team is hoping will help fill the void left after the season ending injury for leading receiver Jeremy Maclin, put himself in a terrible situation. Players on the team have forgiven him, but it seems that their is a divide in the locker room now.

“Ain’t nothing to prove. He said how he felt,” running back LeSean McCoy said, according to “He’s still a teammate. I’m still going to block for him. I’m still gonna show great effort. Just on a friendship level, and as a person, I can’t really respect somebody like that. I think as a team, we need to move past it. There are some things that are going to be hard to work with, to be honest.”

These are words that you do not want to hear coming out of your team’s most talented player. Kelly already had a tough job after the loss of Maclin, but now it’s a whole new level. We’ll have to wait and see if this team can overcome the adversity.

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