Gordon Tietjens Names Dirtiest Player, Gives Our Guy Tryout

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Tietjens with Johnathan Wicklow Barberie2LAS VEGAS, NV – It’s only in a sport like Rugby that an IRB Hall of Fame coach will not only come on camera during his free time to help a new show/site get off the ground, but will also offer it’s marquee personality a tryout with his squad. That’s exactly what happened in the desert when Gordon Tietjens, the legendary coach of the New Zealand All Blacks 7s, agreed to have our Johnathan Wicklow Barberie tryout for the HSBC Sevens Series Champions.

As if that weren’t big enough news, Coach Tietjens also came clean with something nobody could ever imagine him disclosing: The Dirtiest Player He’s Ever Known. Unfortunately, that title fell dubiously upon Declan Yeats, our infamous Irish prop/correspondent.

But don’t take our word for any of this, see if for yourselves!

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P.s… THANKS to Coach Tietjens who was accommodating, funny, patient and put up with our having to re-shoot because of a sound issue. A good egg.

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