Jacksonville Axes Atlanta, Copperheads Calm Mayhem

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Jacksonville v. Atlanta 1
Credit: Ben Weitz Photography

TAMPA, FL – The Jacksonville Axemen (4-0-0) and the Southwest Florida (SWFL) Copperheads (1-1-0) came out as winners for the fourth Saturday of the 2019 USA Rugby League (USARL) Southern Division’s Season. In doing so, Jacksonville axed the Atlanta Rhinos (1-1-0) in a 70 to 0 blowout. Further south, the Copperheads calmed the Tampa Mayhem (1-2-0), upsetting the senior club in an unexpected 32 to 24 decision. The Lakeland Renegades (1-2-0) had Saturday off.

Jacksonville Axes Atlanta

On Saturday, the Atlanta Rhinos home field at Atlanta Silverbacks Park failed to offer the club any advantage in its 70 to 0 lashing at the hands of the Jacksonville Axemen. For the Axemen, Jacksonville’s Brian Lowe recaps his club’s mauling of the Rhinos:

The Jacksonville Axemen are still perfect on the season following another lopsided victory in USA Rugby League’s South Conference. On Saturday, the Axemen earned an away 70 to 0 win over the Atlanta Rhinos. Jacksonville, who scored 12 tries in the match-up, had already built a 46 to 0 lead over Atlanta by halftime.

Jacksonville v. Atlanta 2
Credit: Ben Weitz Photography

For Jacksonville, multiple-try scorers included Alex Eberle, Josh Jackson, and Jacob Hawkins who each secured two Axemen tries. Jye Montgomery, David Washington, David Thomas, and James Williams also contributed a try apiece for the Axemen. Once again, Nathan Richter was Jacksonville’s top scorer, successfully converting seven tries and finished with 14 points. Wrapping up the Axemen‘s scoring, Charlie Jones converted four more conversions to finish the contest with eight points.

Jacksonville v. Atlanta 3
Credit: Ben Weitz Photography

Copperheads Calm Mayhem

Also on Saturday, the Southwest Florida Copperheads secured the team’s first win, following a 0-6-0 2018 season. At halftime, SWFL had held a 16 to 12 lead over the Tampa Mayhem. Early in the second half, the Mayhem scored the first 12 points to take a 24 to 16 lead with 20 minutes left in the game. However, the Copperheads capped off the points for the game, scoring three tries and two penalty kicks in the final 20 minutes to win the matchup 32 to 24. The clubs faced off against each other on the Copperhead’s home field, Lehigh Senior High School, in Lehigh Acres, FL.

SWFL’s Copperhead Captain Arnold Mananu scored three tries and two conversion kicks to lead his club with 16 points. In addition to Mananu, Copperheads Roderigus Ceasar, Jude Kermundu, and Kyle Deventer each scored a try for their team. Wrapping SWFL’s scoring up, Jude Kermundu kicked two additional conversions to contribute SWFL’s remaining 16 points.

For the Tampa Mayhem, Charlie Hutchens lead his team with 12 points, off of one try and four conversions. Also, John St. John contributed two tries for Tampa (eight points). Lastly, the Mayhem’s Josh Heath scoring the remaining try and four points toward Tampa’s 24 totaled score.

RWU Previews Upcoming Action Around the USARL Southern Division

This coming Saturday, 22 June, features the Atlanta Rhinos home game against the Tampa Mayhem at Atlanta Silverbacks Park. Also, the Lakeland Renegades will host the SWFL Copperheads at the Sports Club in Lakeland, FL. The Jacksonville Axemen will take this weekend’s bye.

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