Heineken Cup Picks: Our “Experts” Duke It Out

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STADE YVES DU MANOIR, FRANCE – After our duo of Junoir Blaber and Johnathan Wicklow Barberie went at it last week, picking the Heineken Cup Round 3 matches with decidedly different results (JWB’s 10-2 slaughtered Blaber’s 7-5), the Rugby World cried out and insisted we introduce a third “Expert” into the mix. Suffice to say, we heard those cries. So from today forward, quick-witted Irish scrumhalf (that’s redundant) Kevin Fegan will be putting his soon-to-be-defunct Euros where his mouth is.

Junoir Blaber... Kevin Fegan... Johathan Wicklow Barberie


There you have, bet the farm on the picks you like best and tell us your thoughts.

P.s… Here are JWB’s picks with point differentials:


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