RUGBY Q&A: Wales 7s Star Richard Smith Under Microscope

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Smith vs Boks

Today our man Johnathan Wicklow Barberie asks all the tough questions of up and coming Wales 7s Star, Richard Smith.

JWB: Richard, thanks for being here. Should we call you Richard, Rich or Dick?
RS: Hi JWB, thanks for having me. You can call me Rich, Smithy or what ever you want really.

JWB: Alright, Smithy Rich! Let’s start with name recognition. We give you a name and you tell us what pops into your head. Ready?
RS: Fire away.
JWB: Alain Rolland.
RS: Ummm… That’s a tough one. No comment! Ha ha.

JWB: Speaking of names, Sose Matuato, a fetching femme fatale from Magna, UT, wants to know if you’re single?
RS: Sorry sose, I’m spoken for!

England's Turner & Brake

JWB: Actually, Mathew Drew Turner of England 7s wanted to know that.
RS: LOL. I’m sure he did. I don’t mind if you want to know JWB…. Just ask.
JWB: You do look good in tight shorts and little socks… Yet I digress… please comment on the photo to the right of Turner gazing at teammate John Brake. Is it a tad… unsettling?
RS: Looks like a civilised gathering to me!

JWB: Who do you dislike more, the Irish or the Scottish? We know you dislike the English more than either, so they don’t qualify.
RS: We don’t hate any of the above really; it probably comes across like that because each team wants to win at all costs. I know there’s a lot riding on the games between the home nations and any opportunity to take home the bragging rights just brings out everyone’s competitive spirit, shall we say.
JWB: You should run for office with that answer but we’ll take that as the Scottish!

Spoken For Off The Pitch

JWB: Do you know loose forward Willie Lipp of the London Scottish? Either way, track him down and give him a big kiss for us. Matt from & I are his adopted uncles.
RS: If I see him I’ll be sure to let him know, I’m not really into kissing big men called Willie!!!
JWB: Aye, but this Big Willie is the exception!

JWB: What is it like be the defending World Champions in 7s?
RS: I wasn’t involved with the Sevens at that time but I know there’s still a lot of pressure on us to perform and meet the high standards set by that team. Richie Pugh is our captain now and was a member of the World Cup winning squad and I know he finds it hard carrying his winner’s medal every where he goes… Ha ha.

Scoring... On the pitch.

JWB: What’s it like trying to convince people that you really are the defending World Champions in 7s because you guys won the actual World Cup, not the HSBC Sevens Series?
RS: If any one doesn’t know, Pughy will tell them!!! LOL

JWB: John Keegan, a New York Rugby Club member that you played with under the Brisbane Bulldogs umbrella, want to know what it’s like actually playing rugby for… CASH?
RS: Well john, it’s the same as playing for free! If you enjoy it, the CASH doesn’t really come into it.
JWB: Follow-up from Keegan and our Ad Soliciting Dept: Do Weetabix make you buff?
RS: Not on their own but if consumed in conjunction with a strict lifting program and plenty of milk, they help… lol.

The Panda

JWB: Mick Lee, a Japanese Ex-Pat living in Australia but soon to be deported back to Penang, wants to know why you are Welsh?
RS: Something must have been lost in translation with that question. Me and the lads always found it difficult to understand The Panda.

JWB: Another of the traveling trio from New York Rugby, Harold DeLucia, has two questions:
1) Were you close with any of the American/Australian exchange boys?
Hi, Harold… To be fair, all the boys I met whilst down under were great and especially the exchange boys. I do miss the good times we had at Outana Street.


2) How close are you to getting a 15s cap?
RS: I couldn’t tell you how close I am, but I’m just taking each game as it comes and trying to play well. If my opportunity was around the corner, I’d love to grab it with both hands!


JWB: Darcy Bowden of the Brisbane Bulldogs battles with Horse Hormone Addiction. He wants to know what it you do to have such strong bones and teeth.
JWB: Also, Darcy – who has serious sexual identity issues because he has a girl’s name – is convinced that the level of professionalism of his Brisbane club helped you become a better footballer. What is your take both of these revelations?
RS: I’d have to agree with Darcy on that one. The club looked after me from day one, especially Stan “The Man” Pilecki and my fellow Welshman Taffy Longman. Living with a legend like Stan was only a good thing for my rugby development.
JWB: Please comment on the “outdoors” photo as well:
RS: Quite conservative for Darcy! LOL

Brisbane Bulldog Bowden & Rod.

JWB: Has Leigh Halfpenny yet been contacted by the James Bond people?
RS: I don’t really know Leigh personally, so you’d have to ask him that your self.
JWB: We’ll call Moneypenny… One of our correspondents and resident Heineken Cup experts, Junoir Blaber, wants to know which of the Wales RWC 15s squad would you like to see lining up with you in 7s and why?
RS: I know a lot of the 15’s boys have come through the 7’s pathway. I know James Hook was an awesome 7’s player, so maybe having him back for a tournament. But I’d also have to say George North. I can’t imagine many people wanting to face him on the wing in 7’s or 15’s for that matter.

JWB: What are the chances we will see you playing 7s in the 2016 Olympics, AFTER playing 15s in the 2015 RWC? And yes, we ask the tough questions here.
RS: I’d obviously love the honour of representing Great Britain at an Olympics, but 2016 is a long way off and with all the home nations putting their hands up for selection, it’s going to make it very difficult for any one to get into the squad.

Smith: Seated, looking up. Pugh: Seated Chuck Norris stunt double.

JWB: Final question: Would you rather be King of England , President of the USA or King of Saudi Arabia and why?
RS: I’d have to say King of England, I think I’d look great in a crown!

JWB: Well, you’d have our backing. Thank you, King Richard The Brave.
RS: Cheers, JWB any time.

That’s all for today. Please comment below and be sure to come back tomorrow for USA 7s Star Matthew Hawkins and his weekly report.

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