Rugby Star Mat Turner With England Insider Info On HSBC Circuit

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Every week, England 7s star Mathew Drew Turner takes on the role of brazen, if not cheeky, reporter for RWU.

LONDON, ENGLAND This will hopefully be the last column for a few weeks that I need to be wearing thousands of layers as I type. As Johnathan Wicklow Barberie said in his Monday Morning Flyhalf (which was good reading),  it’s freezing here in Mother England.

So, with Team Selection coming up soon, all the lads are getting nervous – to go along with being cold – and giving it their all trying to earn their seats on the flights to the HSBC Sevens Series next stops,  Wellington and Las Vegas of all places (not like we are complaining).

This week has started off with a bang, having 40m Time-Testing in 3 degree temperatures. That wasn’t fun! The only good thing was that Dan Norton didn’t win it. We won’t go into who won it. [Ahem]

Personally,  I would like to welcome back Greg Barden and Simon Hunt into training. But hey, we know you’re both in your 30s, but come now… you’re better than that  showing! Plus you’re meant to be forwards, which Declan Yeats always tries to claim are the hard men in the team. But it’s us backs that don’t see us backs sitting out of the hard drills.  Side Note: We also tried a new training technique tonight, Sevens rugby in the dark. It brings in another whole side to the game.

Nick Royle hasn’t been mentioned lately…  but we’ll mention him now! The first thing he had to say to me this after his weekend wasn’t, “Hi Mat how you?” No. it was more or less, “I went metal-detecting with a hundred other weirdos this weekend and all I found was £23.60 in coins!” And here’s a direct quote from this special, special man: “They hold many weddings at the place and area we detected on, and not one of us found a wedding ring… was the weirdest thing.” (I briskly walked away from him after that comment).


James Rodwell, our long ginger, finally bought a king-size bed for his room! He had it custom made. I think his “fiance” to be is finally happy to have gotten rid of that single bed.

Rob Vickerman and Tom Powell were declared the worst at Red Ass and I am certain they wouldn’t mind showing you why they were the worst! its not pretty!

If anyone is going to be in Wellington or Vegas for the HSBC Sevens let me know. Coffees on you

Next week i ll hopefully be writing from Wellington, Until then you stay Classy