Six Nations: Our Experts Pick Winners & Margins

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CARDIFF, WALES – Our quartet of West Ghana’s Rugby wunderkind Junoir Blaber, Ireland’s quick-witted fly-half (that’s redundant) Kevin Fegan, new-comer and French center Pyk O’Kallapfer and contrived Kiwi Johnathan Wicklow Barberie pick the the big matches for you. This week it’s the Six Nations…

Junoir Blaber... Kevin Fegan... Pyk O'Kallapfer... JWB

Straight from the Holy Grail, here are their picks:

Junoir Blaber:
Italy at Wales: Like a brick through wet toilet paper. Best backline in the Northern Hemisphere versus a backline that couldn’t run a hands play. Take it to the bank:  Wales by 21
Scotland at Ireland: The Scots keep coming close and are just a good center or two from being really dominant. Ireland are in good form, too, but have actually won games. My Scottish heritage, however, took my common sense and left the building.  Scots win by 2.
England at FranceLe Crunch. England attack is as sharp as a spoon, while the French attack knows where the tryline is very well. Despite a brave defensive effort… France by 8.

Kevin Fegan:
Italy at Wales:  Pretty simple really. Wales are the best team in the tournament. Italy are the worst team in the tournament and they are even worser away from home (I know it’s not a real word but I am tired/hungover). Wales by 24 points.
Scotland at Ireland: I’m pretty much done with Ireland. They keep getting my hopes up and then leave me rolling around on the floor in the fetal position sucking my thumb. This could go two ways. Scotland finally finish a few chances and get the result that their squad desperately needs or Ireland play a full 80 minutes and keep us anticipating greatness. I’ll go with the later. Ireland by 8
England at France:  England are very average. France are pretty good. It’s in Paris. France have something to play for. Junior Blaber will mention something about transition but when it’s the cock versus the rose, a decent cock always prevails. France by 11

Cup Cocks

Pyk O’Kallapfer
Italy at Wales: On its way for its 3rd Grand Slam in less than a decade, Wales will host the last two games against the Latin nations. First, a nice warm up against Italy before what has already-been-announced-as “This Tournament’s Final” – the game against France next week. Wales plays really good rugby and the Azurri will find it hard to contain George North & his teammates. The very talented Welsh team is bound to take the “V” nice and easy. Wales by 24.
Scotland at Ireland: After their very lucky tie in Paris last week, the Shamrock has to finish the best they can in Croke Park, before they travel to Twickenham to end the tournament. Their very efficient tackling – always very close to being penalized, their very aggressive rucking, along with the talented Jonathan Sex(ton) and the on-fire Tommy Bowe, should overcome the Scottish Thistle without too much trouble. But the Scots always take their best shot, were close to beating England and France, and this could be this tournament’s surprise. Ireland by 8.
England at France: The all-time classic “crunch.” Revenge of 2011 RWC quarter final. Even if England does not look good in this tournament, Philippe Saint-André’s men should be careful. The Rose always sting the cock when the latter is the less prepared… France is playing home, and if the Rosbifs don’t cheat like Ireland last week, Le XV de France will play for 1st place in Cardiff next week.
France by 11.

Fabio cut his hair.

Johnathan Wicklow Barberie:
Italy at Wales: Let’s see… The Welsh at home with Mike Phillips and his healthy backline vs Italy and their new scrumhalf, Fabio Semenzato, tossing melons to backs that seem like they have pizza boxes around their hands… Wales by 21
Scotland at Ireland: If Paul O’Connnell weren’t sidelined with a bad knee, I’d say the Irish win with ease. Still, they are at home and we’ve seen them on their sod vs the Scots before. The locals will get the boys going in support of new captain, Rory Best. Ireland by 6
England at France: The English confound the critics by picking up ugly wins. This time, they will lose – but in a tighter match than mon ami Pyk may like.France by 7.

Feel free to argue your case and why, below.

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